Awakening the happiness of the self revealed

Sarah. 26. Yoga teacher ( 200 hour certified, 500 hour training specializing in yoga as neurotherapy in progress!). This is her journey through life one step at a time through yoga, Buddhism, and healthy living ( especially gluten free living!)
. Personal experiences, musings, inspirations and more will be shared. Enjoying life every passing moment. Namaste.

Just some random musing

It’s not about being the most flexible person on the planet. It’s not about how long you can hold a handstand. It’s not about getting that bikini body. It’s not about doing what everyone else is doing. It’s not looking like the front cover of Yoga Journal. It’s not about the can dos and don’ts of your life.

It’s about doing what’s right forĀ you within the moment and not worrying about anyone else, the past, or the future. It’s about honoring your body, mind, and soul, knowing you’re perfect right where you are right now. It’s about celebrating life and our accomplishments, knowing that in this moment, we can own it, and no one can take it away from us.

Breathe in goodness, love, and light. Exhale out whatever no longer serves you.

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