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Sarah. 26. Yoga teacher ( 200 hour certified, 500 hour training specializing in yoga as neurotherapy in progress!). This is her journey through life one step at a time through yoga, Buddhism, and healthy living ( especially gluten free living!)
. Personal experiences, musings, inspirations and more will be shared. Enjoying life every passing moment. Namaste.

Sometimes change isn’t a bad thing

About a week or so ago, I finally got a call back from my doctor saying that the blood tests showed that I have an intolerance to gluten. Now I ‘ve both read and heard lots of thing about how a blood test doesn’t always prove you’re gluten intolerant, blah blah blah, and that the only way to be certain is if you have an endoscopy ( insert me screaming and running to lock myself into a room, because haha no ). But honestly, I’ve yet to have any negative side effects from the trial gluten-free diet and I actually feel better. 

But now I know it’s not just a temporary thing - it’s a lifetime thing. As happy as I was to finally hear what was wrong with my body, it did break my up inside. It means I need to read labels like it’s my business. It means I need to up my expectations of restaurants and places to eat in general. It means I need to be super conscious of a lot of things. I’m sure after a few months, it’ll be fine, but it’s really hard for me to wrap my head around. 

One of the biggest things that has been proved difficult for me is baking. I love to cook and bake, but baking especially. Seeing that, oh you know, all the recipes and cook books I’ve accumulated over the years calls for products with gluten in it, it makes it harder. I know you can figure out ratios and substitute things, but it’s not the same. As someone who has worked in food services for a long time, I can tell the difference if you take out an ingredient, like regular flour as opposed to gluten free flour and xanthan gum. And for the record, gluten free baked goods are really good, just different ( don’t get me started on vegan baked goods, though ). 

My friends and family have been really supportive so far. I’ve received a lot of advice and recipes and my mom has even bought me a couple awesome gluten free cookbooks, include one just for cupcakes. She’s also adorable and tabs pages for me to check out ( aka stuff she wants me to make in the near future ). So far I’ve done cookies, scones, and mac and cheese and have had a lot of success, so that’s good. I’ve also discovered a few gluten free cafes and restaurants in the area, so that’s even better!

Also, what is with it with yogis and health stuff? Like, I feel as if most people who practice yoga as a lifestyle than as, “Yeah, I go to a class a couple times a week,” have other things going on, like they’re vegetarian or vegan or have some sort of random allergy or intolerance or whatever that makes them more health conscious. Now I can add onto all of that! Who knows, maybe I’ll start up one of my classes with, “So, anyone know of any good recipes?” In the long run, I know this will be really healthy for both my mind and body. It’ll be a struggle, but aren’t struggles the most rewarding at the end? I like to think so. Can’t have creation without destruction and vice versa.

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